Data Science Acceleration

Data Science Acceleration

Accelerate Data Science Capabilities: Empower Your Team to Unleash the Power of Data

We understand the critical role that data science plays in driving innovation and gaining a competitive edge. With our data science acceleration services, we aim to streamline and optimise your cloud platform, ensuring it is fully equipped and ready for data science endeavours. By eliminating the time-consuming tasks of data discovery and cleansing, we enable your data science teams to focus on what they do best—extracting valuable insights from your data.

We work closely with your data science teams to understand their pain points and requirements, ensuring that our services align with their needs. 

What to expect

When it comes to delivering data science acceleration, our primary goal is to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your data science teams. By leveraging our expertise in cloud platforms and data engineering, we aim to provide the following deliverables:

  • Cloud Platform Optimisation: Collaboratively assess your existing cloud infrastructure and identify areas for improvement. We ensure your cloud platform is optimised to manage large-scale data processing and analytics tasks efficiently. This can involve implementing Continuous integration and Continuous Development cycles, resizing computing clusters to support Panda Libraries, or even resolving library conflicts on shared computing clusters.
  • Data Discovery Streamlining: Streamline the process of data discovery by implementing automated workflows and intelligent data cataloguing techniques. This allows your data scientists to quickly locate and access relevant datasets, reducing the time spent on manual data searching.
  • Data Cleansing Automation: Implement data cleansing pipelines and automated data quality checks to minimise errors and inconsistencies in your datasets. By automating data cleansing detection and resolution processes, we enable your data science teams to focus on deriving insights rather than spending valuable time on data cleaning and fixing inaccuracies.
  • Self-Service Analytics: Empower your data science teams with self-service analytics capabilities. We enable them to access and manipulate data easily through intuitive tools and platforms, reducing their dependence on IT or data engineering teams for routine tasks.


To deliver efficient data science acceleration, we leverage a range of advanced technologies and platforms. Our expertise spans across cloud platforms like Microsoft and Databricks, data cataloguing tools, data cleansing frameworks, and self-service analytics solutions such as Power BI. We select and integrate the most suitable technologies based on your unique requirements, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

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