Data Engineering As a Service

Data Engineering As a Service

Empowering Your Data Insights and Analytics Capabilities

We understand the critical role of robust data engineering in enabling effective data insights and analytics. With our data engineering as a service offering, we aim to support your existing IT function implement new data platforms or enhance existing ones in Azure and Databricks. Our goal is to enable seamless collaboration between your data science, machine learning, and data insights teams, while also providing the foundation for building self-serve reporting capabilities. By leveraging our expertise in data engineering, we empower your organisation to derive actionable insights and make data-driven decisions efficiently, whilst building on your existing in-house IT capabilities empowering it to support new technologies going forward.

What to expect

When you engage our data engineering as a service, you can expect comprehensive support in implementing or enhancing your data platforms. Our deliverables include:

  • New Platform Implementation or Enhancement: Depending on your specific requirements, we can help you implement new data platforms in Azure and Databricks or enhance existing ones. Our expertise spans the entire data engineering lifecycle, from data ingestion and processing to storage and retrieval.
  • Analytics Readiness: Ensure that your data platforms are optimised for data science workloads. We design and implement the necessary data pipelines, transformations, and aggregations to enable your data insights and analytics teams to work efficiently with the data. This includes data preparation, data cleansing, and data modelling to ensure high data quality and reliability.
  • Collaboration Enablement: Foster collaboration between your data science, machine learning, and data insights teams. We establish data engineering best practices and workflows that facilitate seamless data integration, sharing, and analysis, enabling your teams to leverage the full potential of the data platforms.
  • Self-Serve Reporting Capabilities: Build new self-serve reporting capabilities that empower business users to access and analyse data independently. We design and implement intuitive interfaces, visualisation tools, and self-serve reporting frameworks to enable users to explore and derive insights from the data with ease.
  • Empower your IT team: We build clean well documented code that follow best engineering practices. We build on open source and approved libraries to allow the solution to be maintainable. Additionally, we empower your insights team to develop on the new platforms and receive adequate training and support to maintain the solution in the long run.


We leverage a range of technologies and tools to implement and enhance data platforms. These may include Azure services such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Function, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, and relevant data engineering frameworks and programming languages such as PySpark, Apache Spark, Python, Scala, DAX, and SQL. We select the most suitable technologies based on your specific requirements and ensure seamless integration with your existing technology ecosystem, all whilst empowering your in-house IT team to support and build on the implemented technologies.

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